CosyQuilt Electric Blanket

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The blanket comes with a temperature control remote. 
The blanket can be washed easily in a washing machine.
It is fluffy and very cozy.
It is the ideal electric blanket of adults and children too.

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CosyQuilt electric blanket: The perfect winter companion

Beat the freezing winter cold with CosyQuilt, an electric throw blanket from Zircon. As the days get shorter and the nights grow colder, wrap up with this snug heated blanket. Tried and tested safety features and safe internal chords make it ideal to sleep in through the night!

Product Features:

  • Comes fitted with a special foot pocket to keep your toes toasty and prevent your feet from slipping out as you sleep.
  • Choose between 3 different heat temperature settings and save a fortune on the thermostat!
  • The blanket does much more than just keep you warm though. CosyQuilt loosens up your sore muscles and joints while improving blood flow and leaves you feeling refreshed and recovered.
  • The main power chord is 6 feet long, easy to move around and connect. The control cable is 3 feet along and can be tucked under your bed mattress.
  • We engineer our heated throw blankets to last even in the most rugged of environments. That’s why we offer a 5-year warranty with this product that is built to last.

The CosyQuilt blanket is made of waterproof material for increased safety. The product has been designed to minimize fire hazards and is certified safe. Washing instructions are simple and easy to follow.

4 reviews for CosyQuilt Electric Blanket

  1. Lisa Anderson

    I absolutely despise winter and my horrible tolerance to cold means I spend a couple of months every year down with a congested nose, constantly irritable and shivering without a moment’s respite. That said, this warm electric blanket makes the nights way more tolerable and it would probably make my days easier too if my husband didn’t stop me from using it constantly and wearing it out.

    The heating mechanism is toasty and the blanket works either ways. You can leave it under your sheet half an hour before you get into bed and it’ll heat up the entire mattress or you can do what I do and spend the night wrapped up in it. Great value for money and don’t have any complaints so far.

  2. Robert Clark

    Excellent product that isn’t complicated and gets the job done. One feature that I REALLY appreciate is the length of the internal wiring and cords. In the past, I’ve struggled with blankets fitted with abnormally short cords that were an absolute headache to use and move around. This piece comes with a six foot long wire and the internal secondary wiring is long too, which makes it very convenient.

    No complaints about the heating, you can control the temperature as per your requirement and it keeps the outside cold shut out. Well designed product with no unnecessary fuss

  3. Stacy Lary

    Dead after 10 weeks. Promised refund, never got. Promised extra for taking down bad review and got a previously used amazon gift card that couldn’t be used. Terrible communication , terrible customer service, terrible blanket

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    Great news once again!

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