Winter Foot Care Tips To Pamper Your Feet This Winter

Brrrrrrr… It’s winter again! It is the best part of the year that brings a lot of cheer. Along with the spirit of Christmas you would have some blues that could spoil your sleep and make you worried. Rough and scaly feet! Oh yes, it is dreadful. Winter can give you chapped lips and feel, both making you put on your gloomy mood. If you are sailing in the same boat like many others and are facing the same issue, here are the best winter care tips to have smooth and soft feet. 

Tips For Pampering Your Feet This Winter

socks and footwear

1. Get Your Socks and Footwear Out – The cold season calls for a cozy day and night time snuggling in between the blankets. Well, it is not the bed that you can always stick on to. Make a move and take a step only with your winter footwear or socks on. They keep your feet warm and prevent you from catching a cold. Along with this, you can also keep your feet from drying and becoming rough. If you have sweaty feet that make your feet stink, get some sweat-proof socks or stick on to an open flip flops or crocs.

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2. Moisturize Even If You Are Lazy  – We seldom care for our feet and perhaps this is the reason behind having foot issues. We give a lot of time to care for our face and do not go to bed unless we follow a good skincare routine. No matter how lazy you feel during this winter, keep your procrastination away. The skin on your foot is not as soft as that of your face and thus needs more care and moisturization. Make sure you use a cream-based moisturizer or petroleum jelly to render it proper hydration. If you are worried about staining your mattress and quilt, socks it up!

4-in-1 foot spa pedicure massager

3. A 4-In-1 Foot Spa Pedicure Massager Is All You Need  – You have winter, Christmas and the pandemic all hitting you at once. You need to ensure safe and hygienic foot care at home this winter. Thank God because you have the 4-in-one foot massager spa pedicure tub available! The tub has heat control options that heat up the water and help you soak the feet in it. The base of such tubs have massager rollers to give you a good massager rollers to give your feet the best massage. The addition of Epsom salt helps you reduce foot pain and strain. Lastly, you can use this tub to have a safe and hygienic foot pedicure session – something that you will need this winter.

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4. Exfoliate Like a Pro – Dry skin goes away with good exfoliation. Your feet need it more than your face. Use the right tools to exfoliate your feet skin to get rid of the dry and chapped dead skin cells. To exfoliate the dead skin cells from the top of your skin, you can use a DIY baking soda scrub or  rice flour scrub. They are natural, best and affordable. If you have to exfoliate the heel and the bottom part of the foot, use a stainless steel foot foil to exfoliate and a  pumice stone to smoothen it. The best part to exfoliate your feet is after a good shower or after you soak your feet in the pedicure foot spa massager

heel balms

5. Keep the Heel Balms Ready The next thing you need to do is to keep all the heel balms ready at home. This makes you prepared to face winter. Choose heel balms that have a natural composition. Make sure that the balms you bring are capable of repairing your foot skin and making it soft. Use it everyday during this cold Christmas season and word less about your feet.

These are the most easy and handy winter foot care tips that anyone can be following. Practice each of them and you will have feet as soft and beautiful a your face. 

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