Why Electric Blankets Are Not A Fire Hazard?

It’s almost impossible to fall asleep in an agonisingly cold bedroom, but it’s also alluring to save on utility bills by turning down the thermostat when sleeping. That is why smart homeowners usually find the middle ground by investing in an electrical blanket

However, electric blankets sound like one of those far fetched space-age technologies like the Juul; I mean from where does all the smoke come from? It’s the size of a USB stick!

Similarly, an electric blanket is you wrapping yourself with a cloth surging with high voltage electricity which produces the heat to keep you warm. 

Due to this, the first question that comes into any sane head would be if electric blankets could potentially be a fire hazard? 

Concrete Facts On Why Electric Blankets Are Not A Fire Hazard

1. Internal Temperature Control

electric blanket

Most new electric blankets are fitted with internal temperature controls, therefore they cut off automatically if they get too hot.  The CosyQuilt has 3 different heat temperature settings so that you can keep using it all night long.

2. Waterproofing

Temperature Control

The outsides of the blankets are made of waterproof material to minimize fire hazards. Water is a good conductor of electricity and if it was not for waterproofing then spilling water on an electrical blanket would be the same as dropping a toaster in the bathtub. That is why the CosyQuilt is built out of high-grade material which is as waterproof as a duck’s feathers.

3. Carbon Fiber


A lot of new electric blankets use carbon fiber elements that are far less susceptible to fires than the older heating wires. Carbon fiber is also used as the heating element in many heated car seats, so if your car seat isn’t catching on fire, neither will the blanket. 

4. Have Faith in Sparky the Fire Dog!

Sparky the Fire Dog

Electric-heated blankets don’t statistically reflect a significant home fire hazard. Considering that there is an average of nearly 360,000 home fires each year, fires started by electric blankets represented just .04 per cent of those fires,” said Susan McKelvey, Communications Manager of the National Fire Protection Association. 

“0.04 percent is a pretty doggone low number!”, as the dalmatian on a mission would say. That is lower than the chances of you getting hit by a car, I think you should take those numbers and invest in an electric blanket today.

Now, we know that the odds of electric blankets being fire hazards are quite low, however, let’s talk about a few things that you can do to minimize the risk of a fire even more when using an electric blanket. 

A – Always buy a new blanket – In a recent study at Columbia University, it was found that  99 per cent of all-electric blanket fires are caused by those that are 10 to 35 years old, so their quality had already significantly declined. Modern age electric blankets like the CosyQuilt are far more advanced than their early counterparts, therefore they are perfectly safe to use. 

B – Turn the blanket off when you’re not using it – This one is more common sense than advice. Leaving the blanket on can cause damage only if the rheostat or the auto-cutoff is broken, otherwise, it would switch off on its own. One can never be too careful though. 

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C – Don’t use more than one electric blanket at a time – The CosyQuilt can be used both over and under the duvet, it is absolutely safe. However, it is easier and more convenient to use the different temperature settings if you wish to get warmer. Never use two electric blankets or an electric blanket and a heating pad together. 

D – Never dry clean your portable electric blanket – The CosyQuilt is completely washable and washing machine friendly. You do not need to dry clean the blanket. You can easily wash the blanket by soaking it in lukewarm water and setting the washing machine to a gentle/delicate spin cycle. Wash the blanket for 2 minutes before running a short spin and rinse cycle. DO NOT put the blanket in a dryer as the heat can damage the internal cords. Dry the blanket well on a clothesline or flat surface and ensure that it is completely dry before using it again.

Get that peaceful night’s sleep today to be your best tomorrow!

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