What to Do at Home for Instant Back Pain Relief

Back pain is not an unfamiliar concept to most of us. Most of us must have experienced back pain at some point or the other in our lives. However, for some people, back pain is more than something that happens once in a lifetime. It is something that a lot of people deal with regularly.It often ends up standing in the way of them moving ahead with their daily lives, and instead forces them to spend most of their time wriggling in agony. Studies show that around 55% of Americans deal with chronic pain issues in their adult years. Out of these people, 27% suffer from chronic back pain. Such figures prove that it is more common than one expects to suffer from back pain as you get older. 

How Do Back Massagers Prep Your Back

The good news is that there are multiple ways in which you can deal with back pain. You do not have to run off to a doctor’s clinic each time to cure your back pain either. Here are a few things you can do at home on your own or with extra help to give yourself instant back pain relief with no hassles: 

Make sure to get eight hours of proper sleep daily:

In our busy daily lives, it is often easier said than done to get adequate sleep every night. Most people struggle to sleep for five hours each night, let alone the prescribed seven to eight hours of sleep every night. Research shows that around 35% of Americans do not sleep for seven hours every night. However, it is far more important than one might expect to sleep properly for the required amount of time each night. It is because your sleeping patterns can have substantial effects on your health, both mental and physical. If you lose sleep for too many nights in a row, it can lead to physical health issues, including back pain. Lack of proper sleep can also lead to undue amounts of stress, which can further worsen your back pain. Therefore, to get instant back pain relief, it is crucial to sleep properly for around seven to eight hours each night. Not only can such a sleeping pattern help you deal with back pain, but it can also help you prevent unnecessary health issues and let you enjoy a better quality of life too.

Try using an electric heating pad to make use of heat therapy:

Proper Sleep

While a lot of people are unaware of the concept of an electric heating pad, it is a product that is gaining more and more popularity in the global market. This is because a heating pad offers the best treatment for back pain, which is heat therapy, in the most convenient manner possible. All you have to do is to wear the heating pad on your body and tighten it according to your personal preferences. You can then move ahead with your daily tasks while the heating pad does its job. With an electric heating pad, it is also possible to use a remote control to adjust the temperature levels, so that the user can choose the heat levels according to what feels comfortable to him or her. While it is traditional to use a heat bag or pouch to deal with chronic back pain, it does not offer much convenience or ease of use as an electric heating pad. It also makes a great gift option for people who are struggling due to chronic body pain and back pain. 

Sit up straight and try to maintain good posture:

Electric Heating Pad

At some point in your childhood, a grown-up must have asked you to sit up straight after noticing you slouching in your bed or couch. It turns out that doing so would have saved you from the back pain that you must have experienced as an adult at least once. The truth is that it would have been beneficial to practice doing that since it could have probably saved you from all the back pain that you now experience as an adult. But it is not too late to do so as you can still try practising good posture. If you are someone whose work involves sitting and staring at a computer screen all day, then maintaining good posture is extremely important since bad posture can even be the reason why you are experiencing back pain in the first place. 

Maintain Right Posture

These are some of the best ways in which you can deal with back pain at home without any external help. By using one or all of these tips together, you can get rid of back pain safely in the long run.

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  1. Avoid excessive sitting or consider using a standing desk while you work. When you sit for a long duration, the pressure on your spinal discs increase. Aim to get up every hour and walk a short distance to take the load off your discs. Check your posture and adjust your neck, shoulder, and back alignment to prevent stresses on your spine. Poor, unsupported posture can lead to several problems in your back, causing or increasing the pain.


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