The Perfect Post-Halloween Foot Spa Treatment At Home

Halloween is nearly upon us! A celebration that is beloved by millions of kids, the festivities include carved out pumpkins, decorative fake spider webs and yes, the inevitable trick or treat march around the neighborhood as you accompany a group of giggling children, holding their oversized bags stuffed to the brim with an assortment of sweets, toffee, candy and snacks. 

From trick or treating to setting up the decorations around the house, Halloween is a fun time for us all but also a tiring one. There’s so much to be done and more often than not, we find ourselves running on adrenaline (especially if you’re attending one of those infamous Halloween parties yourself). Don’t let the kids hear it but I’m sure there’s a large number of adults who find themselves drained and weary by the time the celebrations come to a close. 

To help you deal with the post-Halloween stress, tiredness and exhaustion we’ve got just the thing you need. A gentle, relaxing foot massage treatment that is guaranteed to bring some respite to those aching legs!

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What You Need For a Halloween Foot Massage

Foot Spa Massage

Here’s what you’ll need for the perfect post-Halloween foot massage and pedicure. There’s room to innovate and get the same results even if you don’t have all of these available!

  • A Foot Spa Massager – A pail of hot water does the trick too but this is all about reducing your work and let’s be honest, filling up a tub of hot water isn’t particularly convenient is it?
  • Essential Oils – There’s a wide variety that you can choose from – lemon, lavender, juniper, eucalyptus are the best ones for skin and feet but do make sure they are natural!
  • Epsom Salts – The ultimate pedicure component, these natural extracts are wonderful for easing your muscles and they get rid of dead skin too!

The main advantage of having a foot massager or a foot bath spa at hand is that it’ll do the massage for you, saving you the effort of using your own strength to knead the knots out of your muscles and the pain out of the soles of your feet.

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The Perfect Post-Halloween Home Foot Spa Treatment

Foot Spa Treatment
  • First, make sure the water in your massager is warm. Ideally, you want the water temperature to be above lukewarm but not intolerably hot. Nonetheless, the hotter the better.
  • Once the water is hot, add your essential oils into the foot bath spa. Proceed to soak your feet in the water for a few minutes. This improves blood circulation to your feet and makes your skin supple and soft.
  • Choose the mood or setting that you want and let the massager rollers begin to work their magic. It’s always better to start at a slow speed and intensity and pick it up as the minutes progress as this avoids causing sudden discomfort to your feet.
  • Right before you increase the intensity is a good time to add epsom salts, as the massage rollers encourage their pedicure properties and help them act on gently removing dead skin. 
  • For a complete experience, it’s best to massage your feet for a minimum of 20-30 minutes but there’s no particular limit, feel free to go beyond half an hour if your feet really ache and need the attention.
  • Once you’re done, don’t forget to dry and moisturize your feet. If you need to clip your toenails, after a hot soak is the best time to do it as it makes it much easier.
  • Last but not the least, remember to switch off your device and empty out the water. Leaving water in a foot bath spa massager is awful for your device and should be avoided at all costs.

And there you have it! Those are the essential steps for a massage and pedicure that allow you to pamper your feet post-Halloween. From getting rid of pain to improving skin quality and providing some much-deserved relaxation and relief, this foot massage and pedicure treatment is a fantastic treatment that is extremely easy to do at home, all by yourself! Once again, a very happy and safe Halloween from all of us!

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