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The backbone is a very important part of all the vertebrates. We would all be spineless creatures if we would not have had the backbone supporting us. The back holds us straight all day long and at times gives up by throwing up tantrums like back catches and backaches. Unlike other health conditions, back pain makes way into everybody’s life and is not an issue that needs to be ignored.  Here are some amazing tips that give you back pain relief when you try them. You can try these tips at home and easily get rid of back pain. 



  • Get an electric heating pad – If you are looking out for something that can be used frequently and banish the backaches you get, you need to get an electric heating pad. The advantage of having an electric pad is that you can use it over your shoulders, neck and all the way on your back. The temperature and heat control will save you from getting a burn due to the overheating of the heating pad too. 
  • Take the help of salt – Salt is known to pull away all the pain instantly. You can take a handful of crystallized salt in a cloth and wrap the cloth tightly. The cloth can be showed to heat and placed on the back and all the parts that ache for you. Doing a few repetitions of this protect your back and also aid in complete shoulder and back pain relief. 
  • Get a good back massager home – The new kind of back massager or a shoulder massager that you get in the market is a massager gun. Some of the back massagers emit heat along with subtle vibrations and this gives the most amazing back pain relief. The massager can also be used to massage on the other parts of the body too. This can be a go-to tool for you to get relaxed and refreshed. 
  • Practice yoga – Yoga, the ancient Indian regime to remain peaceful, flexible and energetic, is a very good way to remain fit and flexible. Yoga has various poses that improve the body’s flexibility and this prevents back pain even before you encounter it. If yoga is hard for you and you feel that it does not fit into your daily routine, you can hit a good spa that renders the Thai Massage Therapy. 
  • Sit straight or correct – The way you sit matters the most. If you sit with a stoop back, your back tends to get the curve shape and when you try sitting straight, it hurts a lot. Plan to sit up straight. If you are cursed with a desk job, make sure you take some comfortable and cushioned pillows that give support and a nice rest to the back.

These are some of the easiest hacks to get complete back pain relief. Along with these tips, make sure you include a lot of proteins and calcium to have a stronger back than you ever had.

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