Foot Spa Procedure To Have A Foot Pedicure At Home

The nourishing and relishing session of a foot pedicure that is done at any foot spa or any parlor is every single woman’s part of the routine. Many spend time and money to have soft feet and take up the pedicure sessions for feet. How about having a pedicure session at home with all the feeling and nourishment that the spa pedicure gives? Well, this could save you time and money too. Having a pedicure session at home is not rocket science. All that you need is some patience and a few essentials and tools that would help you get the spa feeling at home. Read this blog to know about the foot pedicure procedure and make way for feet that are as flawless as your face. 

The Foot Spa-like Foot Pedicure Procedure:

Step 1 – The first step that you need to follow is to get prepared. Bring in all the needed pedicure tools and get in some towels too. Remove and get rid of all the nail art and nail paint. Your toes and its nails are a part of your feet that needs all the care too. For best results, cleanse all the nail paint. 

Step 2 – Get home a foot spa massager. This comes in the shape of a tub with different rollers and massagers attached to it. When you place your feet over these rollers, your feet get a nourishing massage. All that you need to do is add hot water into this foot spa massager tub and add some Epsom salt into it. Epsom salt is known to relieve pain and stress from the feet muscles. You can add a little liquid soap into the water and when all this is done, soak your feet into it for fifteen minutes. If you are having rough feet, you can soak it for 20-25 minutes. 

Step 3 – Use a foot scrub now to exfoliate the skin of your feet. Scrub thoroughly in the heel region and over the above surface too. When you are exfoliating, make sure you do not over rf scrub and end up hurting yourself. After a good scrubbing session, smoothen your skin surface with the help of a pumice stone. This makes you have soft feet. The foot pedicure that is rendered at the spa helps you have soft feet and the trick behind it is the pumice stone. 

Step 4 – The next step in the foot pedicure that you need to do is to use a feet mask. A feet mask acts like a face mack that helps you brighten your feet and de-tan it. Unknowingly, the feet take an equal amount of skin tan just like the face. You get feet pack in stores. The best one among all is the foot pack that has the goodness of rice and honey. Apply it over your feet and leave it to dry before rinsing it off.

Step 5 – Step five is all about nails. Since your feet are in close proximity to the ground, your nails will be the dirtiest of all. You need to get a good nail kit to clean your nails. Clip them and neatly file them to have good and healthy nail growth. You can give your toenails good shape and massage too. All of this will make way for better feet and better nails. 

Step 6 – You can close the foot pedicure session with a good moisturization session. Your feet after getting soaked in water and having a good exfoliation are now left dry and have all the pores opened up. Hydration is very essential to have soft feet. You can take a thick moisturizer cream or even try using the petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly would be a better option because it will make way for soft and nourished feet. After this is done, you need to pull up your old socks and rest your feet for over two hours. You can wash your feel later and apply a normal moisturizer. You can later go artistic with all of the nail art and nail paint on your toenails. 

This is how you can perform the foot spa kind of foot pedicure at home. The pedicure done at your home saves your money and time and you will stay away from all the chemical soaps and creams that the spas use. With the foot spa massager, your feet get a good massage too. With all of this, you make way for a cost-effective, quick, and natural foot therapy and pedicure at home. Try this out one in a week and exfoliate the skin of your heels every single day. All of these make way for soft feet and you can flaunt your feet just like how you flaunt your face.


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