Essentials That A Foot Pedicure Must Include

The beginning of every month for men and mostly all the women happened with a good face and body care at a good salon or a spa. Many did not miss out on having a good foot pedicure too. The sad thing about the lockdown is that many miss having a great foot massage at the foot massage spa. With this, the tenderness of the soft feet has vanished and the many feet have become hard and rough. Well, there is an alternative to this. You can have your own foot spa at home and make way for a good foot pedicure therapy. Here are all the essentials and equipment that you would be needing to have a good foot pedicure massage

Soaps and cleaners

Soaps and cleaners – The first thing that hits your mind when you talk about foot pedicure is to have clean feet. The skin on your feet takes in all the harsh paths to keep you protected and you need to do justice to it by keeping your feet smooth and soft. The key to soft feet begins with proper cleansing and exfoliation. You need to have a soap gel that gives out good lather, a good scrubber, a feet exfoliator, and a pumice stone. All of this makes way for better soft feet and keeps the feet clean. 

Nail kit set – Just as the skin of your feet, the nails play an essential part in making your toes look beautiful. Nails are skin that is hard because of keratin in it. They keep growing and keep getting dirty because of all the dirt and dust. It is highly essential to clean them, cut them, and file them during the foot pedicure.


Towels – Towels are mandatory to keep your feet and floor dry quickly after the foot pedicure session. It is important to have soft towels to dab water from your feet and not anything rough. Using a rug or a rough cloth removes all the leftover moisture from the feet and this makes sure you do not have soft feet. You can use bath towels for this and then put it to wash after use. Choose dark shades of towels and this will not make it look dirty.

Foot spa massager Machine

Foot spa massager – A tub of hot water is normally what you soak your feet in. How about making it better? You can replace the common tub to a  foot spa massager. This is the new age water tubs that could be used to soak feet during the foot pedicure sessions. They come with various rollers and massagers that give your foot a good massage while making the soaked feet soft. This alleviates all the stress and pressure that your feet have succumbed to. With the use of this foot spa massager, you can save time and money on the products. 

Epsom salts

Epsom salts – Epsom salts are mostly used by many women during their pregnancy times. How? They add two teaspoons of it into the bathtub and relax in the hot water. Epsom salt is known to relieve pain and destress the body. You could use the same in the hot water of your foot spa massager too. Since your feet take in all of the weight of your body, they need some very good rest and pain relief. Epsom salt is the best pain killer and comforter and has to be an important essential for foot pedicure.  

Moisturizers – After having a good foot pedicure, you need to wrap off your session with the help of some good moisturizers. The hot water you have soaked your feet into make your feet soft and open up the skin pores in your feet. After the skin exfoliation of your feet, there is a lack of moisture in the open pores. To make way for soft feet, you need to moisturize it well. You could use creamy locations or even petroleum jelly for this. All you have to do is to socks it up for close to three hours. This makes the feet very soft and makes the feet skin look at its best. 

These are the main essentials that you need to have when you are planning for a foot pedicure at home. This will give you a foot spa feeling at home. The procedure of the foot pedicure must be performed rightly for better results. Do not use boiling water to soak your feet as the overheated water will burn your skin and damage the skin cells. Apart from this, you could also include a foot mask to your feet. Masks like the rice feet masks make exfoliation easy and remove the suntan that your feet carry. Also, remember to not over-exfoliate your feet skin as they are delicate. The sole is fine, but be extra cautious about the ankle skin and the feet skin as it is delicate. Have a great foot spa experience with these tips and make way for soft feet

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