Benefits That An Electric Blanket Brings

How many of you pull out your rugs and blankets only during the snowfall or in the winter? Many of us like me and you consider blankets to be saviors from cold. We feel that we are not blessed with wool or furs like the sheep and polar bears and get accustomed to hiding beneath the blankets when the temperature drops. While we have been practicing this, how often have you looked into the benefits of using a blanket? It has a lot of benefits to our behavior, physical health, and mental health. Blankets in summer? If this is what you are thinking, yes, blankets make you sweat in summer and that is why you can be switching to electric blankets over where the temperatures can be adjusted. 

  1. Reduces the stress hormone – Humans have the endocrine glands that release the cortisol hormone into the bloodstream when one feels stressed out. This hormone causes a lot of imbalance in the human body and leads to anxiety and symptoms of depression. When you cover yourself with a blanket – probably an electric blanket that has temperature regulators, the body releases the good hormone – dopamine and this makes one feel good. This reduces stress and lowers anxiety issues. 
  2. Improves the quality of sleep – Have you ever wondered why little children are wrapped and tucked tightly using an electric blanket? Well, the same happens with adults too. This is because the blankets add weight on our body and this makes us wriggle and move less on our sleep With less involuntary movement, we can aim for a good sleep. Many suffering from insomnia can use this trick to induce a better quality of sleep. It can still be made prevalent in younger children as they tend to roll around in sleep. 
  3. Reduces restless leg syndrome – The restless leg syndrome that is commonly called RLS is seen in young children and rarely in adults too. There is a running or a quick pace walking movement that is noticed in the bed. The movements are involuntary and there are high chances of waking up at night in a state of shock. Along with all the medical treatment, it is advisable for the patients to use an electric blanket folded twice on the leg. The weight and coziness of the blanket reduces and eventually curbs the restless leg syndrome in humans effectively. 
  4. Prevents nocturnal panic attacks – Panic attacks are seen mostly in adults who are mainly stressed and anxious. Nocturnal panic attacks happen in sleep and have all the symptoms that are similar to the normal panic attack. Along with good therapy, a good electric blanket induces great sleep that is undisturbed. Along with sleep, it stimulates the production of serotonin and dopamine – the hormones that regulate stress and anxiety. With all of this, one can make way for a night of great sleep and reduce the nocturnal panic attacks in a natural way. This is tried and tested by many patients who have been a victim of panic attacks and doctors recommend this to them too. 
  5. It is an alternative to hugging and presence for children – Many children feel a little afraid to sleep alone in their rooms and need something warm and cozy. They often prefer a mother’s hug or a mother’s touch and the electric blanket is just the right replacement for it. The heat of the heated electric blanket along with its little weight gives kids a feeling of warmth, security, and a human presence. This makes them have a peaceful sleep without worrying about being alone. This goes well for all the children who have moved into their rooms or are planning to have their own room. 
  6. Reduces body pain – Heat is always known to dilate the blood vessels and improve blood circulation. The heat that is given out by the electric blanket is a cure for all the joint and muscle aches in the body. It just needs to be warped around the body to make you fit and fine. 

Advantages of a heated electric blanket over normal blankets 

Just like the blog began, blankets are not just meant for the cold season and every single human needs to understand it. Many of us feel a little uneasy while drawing a blanket. This is because of the warmth that leads to a sweaty body. This could be one of the reasons behind people not preferring a blanket too. In such cases, the heated electric blanket stands to be a better option. Here are the advantages of having an electric blanket.

  • Adjustable temperature control – The temperature of the electric blanket can be adjusted easily. This will not make you feel too hot and uncomfortable when you wrap it around yourself. 
  • Washable and waterproof – You should not be worrying about the battery damage or any kind of shocks. The blanket is safe to be used and is waterproof too. It coils in the machine. 
  • Easy to handle – You can use the electric blanket just like any of the normal blankets and there is no special care needed for it. 
  • Not restricted to cold weather – The temperature regulation makes the electric blanket suitable for all the weather conditions and not just winters. 

The blankest is a must-have for all of you at home. Go ahead to purchase it and add better days to life. 

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