Benefits Of Heat Therapy For Back

Have you heard of heat therapy? How often have you been trying it? Many who suffer from back pain, neck pain, and other joint issues try physiotherapy, but many fail to understand the benefits of the simple heat therapy that can be tried at home. If you are unaware of this amazing treatment to reduce pain in your back and other parts of the body, read this blog to see how simple heat therapy can be. Also, understand its benefits and the different methods that could be implemented to get this therapy done. 

What Heat Therapy is:

Treatment to Reduce Pain

Heat therapy is a therapy to lower the joint and muscle pain in the body by applying a good amount of heat. Over here, the heat is applied through safe methods and is not something that burns the skin. With the application of heat, one would find comfort and the pain he or she undergoes minimizes to a large extent. One simple example of heat therapy is to use a hot water bag. Many make a mistake of using a hot water bag with boiling water in it. This is wrong and is injurious to the skin. The temperature of heat that the skin could take and the muscles would need is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Benefits of heat therapy for the human body:

  • Heat therapy boosts blood circulation and this is one simple way to all the healing. When heat is applied to the cells and muscles of the body, the blood vessels dilate, and the blood flow increases. This makes way for each cell to receive oxygenated blood and all of the healing processes start from here. 
  • It relieves muscle and joint inflammation and this is how it happens. The muscles get inflamed when there is a cut in the supply of blood in the region. This happened with the damaged blood vessels. The heat applied heals such damaged tissues and makes way for the proper flow of blood. This aids in the soothing of inflammation and the pain caused by it. 
  • Just like how the molecules tighten up when it is cold and loosen up when there is heat applied on it, the body muscles behave and function in the same way. When heat is applied to the muscles, they get off their rigid form and tend to become flexible. The same happens with the tissues of bones too. With this, there would be no pain due to the muscles becoming hard and tough due to one’s sedentary lifestyle.
  • Heat therapy has proven benefits to prevent muscle spasms and relaxes all of the muscles in an excellent way. It gives complete relaxation to all the muscles and joints and this can relieve pain, aid better sleep ability, and make one feel fresh and healthy in the long run. It is the simplest form of treatment for all of the ailments in the back, neck, and other regions of the body and is much safer than physiotherapy and other therapies. 
  • Heat therapy is the major reliever of backaches and neck pain. Many of them who are accustomed to desk jobs commonly deal with neck pain that radiates to the back. This may also lead to chronic lower back pain which is devastating. Women who undergo the knife during childbirth are the most common sufferers of back pain because of all the pressure and weight their back takes. In all these cases, heat therapy is the best way to keep back pain at nil.

Different forms of heat therapy:

Muscle and Joint Pain

Heat therapy is not a newly invented therapy to cure muscle and joint pain. It has been practiced from the times of our ancestors who lived in all the parts of the globe. Since other therapies have made talks, this traditional therapy has lost its essence in people’s minds. However, it carries all the benefits that best suit any human. If you are planning to include heat therapy, here is how you can do it. 

  1.  Hot water bath – The easiest way of having a heat therapy is to sit in a hot water tub and relax. This is the best way to cure the muscle and joint pain of the entire body. To make it more effective, you could be adding some Epsom salt into the water in the tub. This salt has the ability to drain away from the pain and give complete relaxation to all the cells and muscles in the body. 
  2. Hot water pack – The hot water pack could be taken in two ways. The first way is by using hot water bags that are available in the store. The alternative to this is to take a cotton cloth and add some salt crystals in the middle of it. These salt crystals can either be of normal salt or Epsom salt too. Tie it tight, heat it using a flame or a burner and place it on the area that experiences pain. This is the best way to relax the muscles and soothe the body’s pain. 
  3. Heating Pad – This is the ideal way to relieve neck pain and lower back pain for all those who are suffering. The ideal way to heal the back is to use a temperature adjustable heating belt that works at a temperature of your choice and heals pain. This is the best way of having heat therapy done as it cures back pain without damaging the skin cells.

These are the benefits of heat therapy and a few examples of how you can implement them. Choose the best one and bid bye to all the muscle pain. 

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