A Guide To Take Care Of Your Feet

A Guide To Take Care Of Your Feet

Winter is slowly fading away, but your rough feet issues still prevail. Many of you would be cursing yourself for not taking the right winter feet care tips seriously isn’t it? Do not worry because here we are to sort your issues out. Read this blog to turn your hard and rough feet into a soft one and have no pain and strain with this. 

The Right Feet Care Tips for You

1. Do Not Move a Step Without Your Socks


Socks keep your feet cozy and soft. If you are at home during this winter, you might be spending most of your days under the blanket. However, make sure to pull up your socks and a pair of indoor footwear too. You can probably avoid catching a cold or flu and even keep your feet soft. Make sure you buy some sweat-proof and anti-microbial socks so that you will be able to have feet that do not smell badly. Along with this, you can also keep the socks clean by wearing some crocs or flip flops. 

2. A Moisturizer Session a Day Keeps Cracked Feet Away

Moisturizer Session

Yes, this is very true. Every night of your before you hop into our bed may include a dental hygiene session and a face care session. What is more important is having a good skincare routine for your feet too. Your face and feet are the two parts of your body that get negatively affected by the winter weather. Just like how you moisturize your face, moisturize your feet well with a good winter care foot cream. You can always use an oil-based or a cream based thick cream for your feet to keep it soft. Such creams lock the moisture and keep your feet feeling young and beautiful. You can also use petroleum jelly as they keep your feet soft and supple. If you are worried about staining your bed and mattress covers, apply the petroleum jelly and socks up your feet.

3. Get the 4-In-1 Foot Spa Massager Tub Home

Foot Spa Massager

Have you thought of giving yourself something worthy this Christmas? If you have not found anything that is useful, here is the four-in-one foot spa massager for you. This is the most priceless gift you could buy yourself this winter as it gives complete foot care to your feet. The base of it has amazing massager rollers that give the best deep tissue massage. The tub comes with an automatic water heating and temperature control system.It helps you keep warm during the cold winter days and nights and gives you a good foot massage. Along with this, you can have a great pedicure session during winter and reduce the feet pain and cramping issues. This product is an all in one medical doctor and a spa healer for you. Buy it by clicking on the link.

4. Exfoliation Is Very Important Every Single Day 


Everyday calls for a good exfoliation treatment for your feet.  Your feet need it more than your face. Use the right tools to exfoliate your feet skin to get rid of the dry and chapped dead skin cells. To exfoliate the dead skin cells from the top of your skin, you can use a DIY baking soda scrub or  rice flour scrub. They are natural, best and affordable. If you have to exfoliate the heel and the bottom part of the foot, use a stainless steel foot foil to exfoliate and a  pumice stone to smoothen it. The best part to exfoliate your feet is after a good shower or after you soak it well in a tub of warm water or in the pedicure foot spa massager. 

5. Stack Some Feet Balms and Weather Care Balms

Feet Balms

At times, your feet may end up getting cracked and becoming rough even after your die hard efforts of taking care of it. To have your feet treated in no time, keep some weather care balms and other essential healing balms always ready. Apart from all the healing balms, some good care from the inside is essential. Let your feet get some Vitamin D. Stand in bare feet under the sun, drink plenty of water as hydration of every single cell is essential from inside. Eat fruits and veggies that are enriched with Vitamin C. Also make sure that you keep your feet clean.

These are the best winter care tips you can ever find. Try them on and keep your feet glowing and soft just like your face.

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