A Guide To Get Rid Of Cracked Feet In A Week

Have you suddenly realised that your feet are no more soft? It hardly takes a day or two for your feet to get rough and cracked. One of the most searched feet care tips over the internet is about the hacks to get rid of these cracks that make your feet look like a disaster. Well, it is not as hard as you think and definitely not something that you need to worry about. This blog tells you why your feet get cracked and what you will have to do to get rid of them in less than a week. 

What Brings Those Cracks on Heels?

Cracks Heels

The reasons for your feet to turn hard or to get cracked could be many. Here are  the main reasons behind your feet turning rough.

1. It Could Be the Weather


Weather plays a massive role in making your feet hard and rough. While winter has its own blues to make your feet dry and rough, summer can also make your feet dry and chapped too. It is a year round issue that you need to be concerned about. 

2. Walking Bare Feet

Bare Feet

Walking bare feet increases the friction between your feet and the ground and could be adding on to your feet issues. Sometimes, exposing your feet too much can also make it dry and rough in no time. 

3. Lack of Foot Care

Lack of Foot Care

It is the face care that we follow every single night to wake up beautifully, but we seldom have a foot care routine. Lack of attention towards your feet can bring those blues on your feet. 

4. Improper Exfoliation

Improper Exfoliation

Hard feet and cracks occur when you ignore to exfoliate your feet skin or even do it the improper way by using the wrong tools and  methods. Hitting the spa is not the solution to it. You can be doing it a little better and in the right way.

Here is the best feet care guide for you. 

With all of this, here is a guide to get rid of cracked feet in a week. 

Bid Goodbye To Those Cracks Easily With These Tips:

1. Get Home a Pedicure Massager Tub

Pedicure Massager Tub

The first thing that you need to do is to pick up a pedicure foot massager tub. Get a tub that has automatic heat control for the water and that has massager rollers. This will be a great deal for you and you can be saving all the spa money. Soak your feet every single day for about thirty minutes to make all the rough skin soft. This trick softens your feet and makes exfoliation easy.

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2. Exfoliate Every Single Day

Exfoliate Every Single Day

Exfoliation is very important as your feet will have a lot of dead skin cells that accumulate and become hard. Soak your feet well before you exfoliate to ensure that you do not add on to those cracks and roughness in the feet. 

3. Use the Right Tools

Use the Right Tools

The right tools include the right exfoliation tools and the feet care tools. Many of us have a tendency to exfoliate our feet with a foot file and then forget to smoothen it using a pumice stone. This mistake will add more roughness and cracks to your feet. Get the right set of exfoliation tools and use it every single day to cure your feet cracks. 

4. Socks It Up

Socks It Up

It is good to flaunt your feet but doing this always makes your feet and the heels hard and cracked. The air conditioned rooms that you sit in make your feet more dry. Always wear shoes that cover your heels or use the transparent socks to keep your feet covered while wearing heels and flip flops. 

5. Moisturize Well

Moisturize Well

This is the key to get rid of cracks and always have soft feet. During the day, moisturise your feet using good and thick feet creams. At night, stick on to petroleum jelly as they lock the moisture in your feet cells and heal all of the cracks easily. 

These are the simple hacks to have beautiful feet in no time. Try them and flaunt your feet that has no cracks and roughness!

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