6 Easiest Hacks To Beat Insomnia

The one common issue that people – both old and young face is Insomnia. Insomnia or sleep deprivation is a condition where you will have a disturbed sleep in the night or have a tendency to stay awake and do not get sleep easily. It all begins with the addiction to the mobile phone, stress, mood swings, and sometimes even the smores. There are many surveys that show that over one out of twenty in the US face the issue of insomnia. While a few think that medical help is the only key, here are some easy hacks you could be trying to beat insomnia and get a good sleep for 6-8 hours at a stretch. 

Hack 1 – Hit The Bed Without Your Phone

Hit The Bed Without Your Phone

The one main distraction that could deteriorate your sleep and even your health is your phone. As we all know how addicted we are to technology and this device, get to know that this can be your sleep spoiler and make you have  disturbed sleep routine. Keep your phone away from your reach when you hit your bed at night. Do not use it for the alarm too. Instead, get the normal alarm clock. This hack could be a little troublesome initially if you are a phone addict, but as you get used to it, you can easily keep your phone away at night and sleep without the insomnia issue knocking in. 

Hack 2 – Practice A Routine

Practice A Routine

This hack is very close to our school doay. Remember how your mom used to draft a to-do-list or a time table for the day? You can still make one to practice a daily routine. There are many sleep deprived people who complain about having a tight schedule or a heavy workload that adds on to the stress and spoils their sleep. The best ting you can do about it is to organise yourself effectively and plan your daily routine.Include some time for meditation and exercises and make sure you are all sorted for the day by 9pm. This hack helps you reduce your stress and workload  too. 

Hack 3 – Darkness or Light; See What Helps


While many love sleeping in the dark, some may feel eerie when the lights go out and this can spoil the sleeping pattern. There is no harm in sleeping with the lights on if you do not wish to sleep in the dark. If the bright light disturbs your partner, get some low beam light in your bedroom. Experts recommend the people dealing with insomnia due to this issue to get some color changing lights because of this. As the colors of the light keep changing, it quickly puts you to sleep and you get to rest better. 

Hack 4 – Eating Right Helps

Eating Right Helps

Watchout on what enters your stomach in the last meal for the day. Keep the pizzas and colas away from your reach while you are all cuddled up in your bed at night in front of your television. The intake of both carbohydrates and caffeine plays with your sleep and this is proven. A glass of warm milk – plain or almond flavored, some nut crackers and other dishes enriched with proteins will help you sleep better and you can beat insomnia. 

Hack 5 – Keep The Room Cool And The Blanket Hot

Cool Room

Oh this is a wonder maker and if you have insomnia, you need to try it! Scientists and medical experts have proven that humans sleep better with an electric heat blanket in a cool room temperature. Besides this, the weight of the electric blanket and the warmth of it gives a feeling of coziness – and this does the trick of putting you to sleep the entire night. 

Hack 6 – Turn On The Lavender Oil Mist Lamp

Lavender Oil Mist Lamp

The lavender fragrance can be used for two things – to keep you focused during the day and to keep you free from insomnia during the night. The oil directly plays on your endocrine system and calms your stress down. You will be able to have a peaceful sleep because of this. If you are not so happy with the lavender fragrance, you can try the fragrance of rose or even that of vanilla.

These are the simplest hacks that are proven to grant a great sleep. Try them and you will be free of your sleep deprivation issues for life.

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