6 Amazing Add-ons To Foot Pedicure

Your feet carry you all the way you want to go. It is nothing less than your face and the care given to your feet should also be nothing less than the care you give to your face and hair.  Women and men flock into the best spas every month to pamper their feet. Foot pedicure is one most taken up service in the spas and this could, however, be done at home too. Pedicure frees the feet from roughness, dead skin, and bad odor too. Here are some of the add-ons that you can include in a food pedicure session to make the session more effective and have soft feet

  • Add baking soda along with salt in water – Baking soda is a natural foot whitener. Just like how you add salt crystals in a bucket of water, add some baking soda too and see the difference. Try this out in the next foot pedicure session of yours. 
  • Get yourself a foot massage machine – A foot massage machine is an electric massager machine that gives you the feeling of a foot pedicure done at a foot spa at home. The vibration from the massager gives pain relief and soft feet too. This can be used after the complete cleansing of the feet is done.  
  • Rub your feet with powdered rice – Powdered rice or rice flour is a very good skin exfoliator. The feet skin is harder than the facial skin and a good scrubbing session is needed to remove all the dead skin cells and the dirt over the heel and sole. This gives a bright and soft foot too. The scrubbing also removes the suntan that your feet must have and hence becomes a fabulous de-tanning therapy. 
  • Rub your feet with mashed bananas – This is a trick to get rid of smelly feet. A foot pedicure is only complete when the entire foot problems are gone. Mashed bananas mixed with sugar crystals are amazing deodorizers. Apply this paste on your feet and toes and leave it for 15 minutes after your cleansing session. 
  • Use a jade roller on your feet – Moisturisation of feet is highly essential. The common practice for applying petroleum jelly or a moisturizer becomes even more essential and effective if you massage your feet with a jade roller. A jade roller can be rolled over your face and give you all the hydration your feet need. 
  • Socks it up – After the foot pedicure is done, the last bit of the foot treatment involves the person pulling up the socks. Pedicure done at night is more effective as you cleanse, and hydrate and then socks it up and get onto the bed without walking around. 

Add these add-ons to the regular foot pedicure cycle. Apart from this, make sure you cover your feet when you travel to work. Get some nice pairs of office wear shoes and ballerinas that keep your heels and feet soft. Make sure you give your feet enough time just like how you give your face.

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